What is a visit to Forestal Park Tenerife like? Ten steps to enjoy an unforgettable adventure experience in the trees and zip lines

  1. You can park your vehicle in the free car park area of Las Lagunetas (WITHOUT SURVEILLANCE). Remember not to leave anything of value in sight. The company isn’t responsible for theft, loss or damage caused to your vehicle.
  2. A representative of your group will access the reception to do the check-in and formalise payment in case this was pending.
  3. Organise your belongings (remember there are NO lockers) and get ready to start the first steps to a memorable adventure.
  4. You will access the equipment area to put on your harness and be ready to start enjoying the adventure in the trees.
  5. On the dotted hour, the Forestal Park Tenerife staff will give a safety talk on an initiation circuit to show you how to carry out the activity correctly. Afterwards, all the participants will do the test circuit.
  6. Once you have passed the test circuit, you will begin to enjoy the high-altitude routes and the zip lines, being supervised from the ground by Forestal Park Tenerife instructors.
  7. At all times you will follow the instructions given by Forestal Park Tenerife staff.
  8. When your time is over, you must go to Reception to get unequipped by the Park staff and hand in the harness and/or safety equipment.
  9. Share your experience on social media with the hashtag #forestalparktenerife
  10. Plan your next adventure, see you soon!
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