Forestal Park Tenerife – Las Lagunetas

Your adventure in Tenerife

Alternative leisure

Discover an exceptional leisure park in the Canary Islands. Explore the only park in Tenerife with high altitude trails and zip lines located in the heart of nature.

Original Nature

Forestal Park Tenerife is located in the magnificent Canary pine forest of the Protected Landscape of Las Lagunetas, in Monte de La Esperanza, the green heart of Tenerife


Experience a memorable adventure with high safety standards. Enjoy without worries thanks to our safety system: the continuous life line.

Human team

Professionalism and kindness are the words that define the Forestal Park Tenerife team. From the moment of your booking until the end of your visit, we will help you to have an unforgettable day.

Healthy lifestyle

Practising physical activity, breathing fresh air, releasing adrenaline, laughing out loud, getting out of your comfort zone, etc., are some of the benefits you will experience on our zip lines.


Forestal Park Tenerife was designed under the concept of respect for the environment. The philosophy of all our actions complies with the principles of sustainable development.

Active tourism

Visit Tenerife in a different way, discovering the most special corners of the island, living real experiences in contact with nature.

Digital detox

In Las Lagunetas you will disconnect from technology, as there is no coverage. You will only use your mobile phone to take incredible photos and videos of your experience among the trees.


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Zip lines in Tenerife give you the opportunity to feel unique emotions

First of all, you will experience an unforgettable day practising outdoor sports in the heart of nature. Individually or together with relatives and friends, overcome challenges at height and slide down on our gigantic zip lines. First take a deep breath in each game and then release your adrenaline in each zip line.

Discover the zip lines in Tenerife with your five senses

Forestal Park Tenerife is located at an altitude of 1.400 metres above sea level. Therefore, you will feel the fresh air of the magnificent Canary pine forest of Monte de La Esperanza.

In addition to the smell of the mountain, the majestic Canary Islands pine trees, some of which are centenarian, will amaze your eyesight. You will explore an ecosystem native to the Canary Islands, from suspension bridges more than twenty meters high. In other words, you will discover the pine forest from the treetops, literally from a bird’s eye view.

On the other hand, we will teach you how to connect to our safety system, the continuous life line, and you will hold on to the wooden rungs of the ladders that will help you gain height, climb the nets of the lianas, hug the tree trunks when you are thirty metres above the ground and feel the touch of the ropes that will help you to overcome the challenges of Forestal Park Tenerife.

Likewise, you will leave the noise of the city behind and enter a space where the sounds of the forest will accompany you during your adventure. In addition, you will disconnect from technology and your mobile phone will only be useful to you to take photos and videos to remember your feat.
Finally, you will savour the victory of conquering the heights and the challenges of the largest adventure park in the trees in the Canary Islands.

A charming spot in Tenerife

If you are looking for something different or if you are on holiday in Tenerife, discover Forestal Park Tenerife and the municipality of El Rosario, authentic places where you can still find unique spaces.

First, visit the village of La Esperanza, the last urban centre before entering in Monte de La Esperanza and the TF-24 road that will guide you through a forest of Monteverde and pine forest to the Teide National Park. After recharging your batteries in La Esperanza, make a short stop at the Montaña Grande lookout.
Next stop will be our adventure, three hours of real fun in Forestal Park Tenerife.

To end the day, discover the coast of El Rosario by taking a swim in Radazul and watching the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.


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