Celebrate Canary Islands Day at Forestal Park Tenerife

On Thursday the 30th of May 2024 celebrate Canary Islands Day at Forestal Park Tenerife. After a year full of challenges and overcoming due to the Arafo Candelaria forest fire that we experienced last summer 2023, now it’s time to celebrate. Therefore, we want to take advantage of the day of our Autonomous Community to honour our roots and celebrate the renovation of part of our beloved park.

Canary Islands Day at Forestal Park Tenerife

Roots and renovation

First of all, we would like to highlight that the slogan chosen to celebrate the Canary Islands Day in Forestal Park Tenerife is ‘Roots and renewal’. In this sense, we want to transmit the resilience and strength of the Canarian spirit. For this reason, our idea is to pay tribute to the Canarian nature and especially to the Canarian pine forest that has been strongly affected during the last years by devastating forest fires.

Therefore, we want to share with you the celebration of the regeneration of our forests and value the land that sustains us.

Special activities for Canary Islands Day at Forestal Park Tenerife

Next, it is worth mentioning that on the occasion of Canary Islands Day you will be able to enjoy fun activities with lots of surprises. Amongst these activities you can play a Trivial Pursuit game in which the green cheese will be the protagonist. In this way, along the high altitude circuits you will find a variety of information about curiosities of Canarian nature. Once you finish the activity, you will be able to take a test that will have a prize if you get an ‘A’. Concentration and memory will be essential to succeed.

In addition, there will be games such as petanque, the ring toss, sack race, etc. to make the access to the park more dynamic. And of course, decorations and photocall that will immerse you in the rich Canarian culture.

High altitude circuits and zip-lines throughout Canary Islands Day

On the other hand, our high altitude circuits and giant zip lines will be the protagonists of the Canary Islands Day in Forestal Park Tenerife. To enjoy them, remember that you have to book in advance, you can buy tickets on our online sales calendar. Three hours of real adrenaline await you in the most fun Canarian pine forest in Tenerife.


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