Five ideas to strengthen my circle of friends

Losing touch with your circle of friends due to daily routine is a common problem in modern life.

Most people have busy schedules and commitments that can make communication and activities with their group of friends difficult. However, maintaining a good friendship is important for mental and emotional health, so it is important to find ways to keep in touch despite daily duties.

Below we share with you different tricks to keep your group of friends together

Take advantage of technology

If your group of friends finds it difficult to meet or there are members who live far away, take advantage of instant messaging applications to stay in touch. It isn’t the best option. However, you will be able to maintain communication and share stories that have happened to you, jokes, etc.

Establish timetables

We often lack organisation in our schedule. That’s to say, you always make it to your gym class, but you never have time to have a coffee. In this sense, if you schedule for example that every second Thursday you have dinner with your group of friends, you already organise the obligations of that day taking into account that appointment.

Make a conscious effort

Fortunately, good friends are always there for you when you need them. However, we believe that relationships need to be nurtured and that this requires a conscious effort.

Plan activities

Depending on the age and circumstances of each person, they will be able to do different activities. Look for activities that suit everyone’s needs. Organising can be a difficult task, but it is worth when you get the group together and enjoy some quality time together.

Share these key points

You won’t be the only one who has the perception that you are seeing each other less or doing less things together. That’s why, we encourage you to share this feeling with your friends and together regain the reins of friendship.

At Forestal Park Tenerife we will be delighted to help you. Our mission is to offer you the activity that best suits your group.

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