How to Organise a Dinosaur Themed Birthday for Children

Organise a Dinosaur Themed Birthday for Children

If you’re wondering how to organise a dinosaur-themed children’s birthday party, look no further. Here are a series of ideas for you to celebrate an unforgettable Jurassic birthday.

If your little one is a lover of the most famous prehistoric animals of all ages (even if they didn’t exist in the Canary Islands), here’s how to organise a dinosaur-themed children’s birthday party:

dinosaur-themed children's birthday party

Find a lush setting

First of all, you have to find a space with a lush nature, like the one that surrounded the dinosaurs when they lived on our planet. In this sense, we are located in a majestic Canarian pine forest, a unique space in the middle of nature.

Adventures for little explorers

Little explorers love adrenaline and discovering new experiences. Therefore, we recommend you start your event enjoying our high altitude circuits and zip lines. The thrill of the little ones being at the same height as a brachiosaurus (which could be up to 13 metres high, like the final part of our Lanzarote circuit). They will also experience a unique moment when they fly on our zip line as if they were pterodactyls. And you will feel like real velociraptors when you fly through the trees at full speed.

Prehistoric feast

After their adventure in the trees and on the zip lines, the kids will be hungrier than a tyrannosaurus rex. So you can organise a real feast in our picnic area. You can take care of the food yourself or we can provide you with the contact details of the catering company we work with.

If you are in charge of the banquet, you can choose one of the following ideas:

  • Dinosaur footprint biscuits easy to make as a family.
  • Sandwiches with dinosaur shapes and names, such as triceratops.
  • Rolls or wraps in the shape of bones or fossils.
  • Dinosaur-shaped chips for dipping.
  • Dinosaur eggs.
  • Dinosaur-shaped fruit slices.
  • A Jurassic birthday cake (you can even find some dinosaur-shaped candles).

And to put the icing on the cake, you can use dinosaur-themed tableware, although we encourage you to make it biodegradable to protect the planet.

You can also add the bonus of hiring our sustainable decoration to celebrate a dinosaur-themed children’s birthday. The sustainable decoration is installed by our staff with care and attention to detail so that the kids feel as if they were in the most colourful and fun Jurassic that ever existed.

Search for the Dino-Treasure

To put the finishing touch to your dinosaur-themed children’s birthday you can prepare a dinosaur-themed treasure hunt in the Canarian pine forest where we are located. Or if you prefer, you can add the extra of the animated monitor that we offer and we will set up a search for the little explorers to solve clues and find the fossils of some of the most famous dinosaurs.


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