We help you organise a sustainable birthday party for children in Tenerife.

What is a sustainable birthday?

A sustainable event means that it is environmentally and socially friendly. To do this, you need to find out which options have a positive rather than a negative impact on the environment.

At Forestal Park Tenerife we are working to ensure that our celebrations leave a positive legacy in our forest and community. That’s why we want to help you organise the best sustainable birthday party for children in Tenerife.

Why organise an eco-friendly birthday party?

Nowadays, children are concerned about caring for the environment and respecting social values. Therefore, these values should also be promoted in their celebrations. In this respect, we encourage you to organise a sustainable birthday.

We know that the birthday celebration is just one day and that you can do something special by going a little bit out of the routine. However, if we think about all the celebrations we have in a year, we see that in the end it is a lot of days. Therefore, we believe that infusing sustainability into events is a good strategy to protect the planet in all areas.

Ideas for organising a sustainable birthday party for children in Tenerife

1.  Reduce waste

The best waste is the one that is not created. Birthday parties generate a lot of waste, from plastic tableware to gift wrapping and decorations. By choosing reusable and biodegradable options, we can reduce the amount of waste we generate.

2. Healthy food.

Birthday tables are often overflowing with processed foods, precooked foods, foods with lots of sugar, etc. It is important to take care of the food and think about healthy and ecological food options that respect the environment.

3. Recycled and/or reusable decorations.

Make decorations from waste or decorations that can be reused in future celebrations.

4. Outdoor sports in contact with nature.

Organise an activity in which children have fun and practice sport, thus encouraging healthy habits.

5. Promote environmental awareness.

Celebrating a sustainable birthday can also help to promote environmental awareness in our friendship circles. By choosing more sustainable options and talking about them with our friends and relatives, we can inspire others to do the same.

Discover how we organize birthdays at Forestal Park Tenerife.

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