Six ideas to celebrate original birthdays for adults in Tenerife

First of all, we want to emphasize the premise that celebrating a birthday party isn’t just for children. Adults can also enjoy an event that gathers our near and dear ones and celebrate life.

Next, we understand that if you have come this far it is because you don’t want to celebrate the typical birthday that involves going out for dinner and then having a few drinks. Therefore, we are happy to share different ideas to celebrate original birthdays for adults in Tenerife.

Why organise an eco-friendly birthday party?

Currently the little ones are concerned about caring for the environment and respecting social values. For this reason, these values must also be promoted in their celebrations. In this regard, we encourage you to organize a sustainable birthday.

We know that the birthday celebration is only one day and that something special can be done by going a little out of the routine regulations. However, if we think of all the celebrations we have each year, we see that in the end there are many days. Therefore, we understand that infusing sustainability into events is a good strategy to protect the planet in all its areas.

Ideas to celebrate original birthdays for adults in Tenerife

1. Hiking and cookout or barbecue in a recreational area.

Start the day with a bit of exercise discovering one of Tenerife’s hiking trails. Finish the hike in a recreational area and share a delicious barbecue with your friends.

2. Water sports and lunch on the beach.

Organise a day of kayaking, boating and snorkelling or even a diving baptism. After sailing the Atlantic Ocean, prepare a meal on the beach or in one of the delicious restaurants along our coasts.

3. Canary wine tasting.

Discover some of the magnificent Canary wineries in Tenerife and study the different experiences you can have in them. Generally, you will enjoy good wine pairings and get to know part of the island’s enogastronomy.

4. Adventure in the trees and guachinche (typical Canary Islands establishment where locally produced wine is served accompanied by homemade traditional food).

Come and enjoy three hours of real adrenaline and fun on the tree circuits and zip lines of Forestal Park Tenerife. Then book one of the guachinches in the north of Tenerife.

5. Outdoor themed gymkhana.

It may seem like a children’s play, but a superhero gymkhana or whatever theme the birthday boy or girl likes is a very fun option. At Forestal Park we organise both, the dynamics for them to compete in groups and the adventure in the trees.

6. Escape room.

Teamwork and puzzle solving for an unforgettable time. At Forestal Park Tenerife, we combine high-altitude circuits and zip lines with an outdoor escape room based on the pirate Amaro Pargo (the Spanish equivalent of Francis Drake).

In short, there are many creative and fun ways to celebrate unique adult birthdays in Tenerife, but we encourage you to discover adult birthdays at Forestal Park Tenerife.

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