Ten tips to organise an unforgettable hen or stag party

Congratulations! Your group trusts you. You have been given the difficult task of organising a memorable hen or stag party.

First of all, don’t panic, take a deep breath and take it as an entertaining challenge. Hen / stag parties have been taking place for a long time and tastes have changed over the years.

Next, it should be noted that, in most cases, drinks and stripper nights have gone out of fashion. Nowadays, hen / stag parties have evolved and include group activities, joint hen and stag parties, etc. Therefore, there are several factors to take into account when organising a hen or stag party.

Ten tips to organise a memorable hen or stag party

Where do I start from?

1. Be clear about the objective.

That is, that both the bride or groom, as well as the family and friends enjoy themselves. Generally, at hen / stag parties people that don’t know each other get together. The first thing you have to do is ask the bride / groom for a list of the people they want to be invited.

2. Look for an ally from each ‘group’.

Of course, all opinions matter, but you have to start moving the hen / stag party with clear ideas. To do this, our suggestion is that you organise a kind of wise council. For this, from each different group that the bride or groom wants to invite, choose a person who is capable of leading the rest of their group. For example, from the group of school friends, contact the one who you know has the most leadership skills in that group and so on with all the groups.

3. List of key questions.

Once there is a small hard core ready to help you organise, important issues have to be decided, will the party take place in Tenerife or will you travel somewhere else? On what days can the bride and the groom come? Will everyone be able to assist on that day? And not only you should ask yourself these questions, you should also find out if there are attendees with special needs (e.g. people with strict dietary habits, people with functional diversity, pregnant ladies, etc.) because depending on these needs, certain activities can be arranged or certain menu can be ordered, etc. We recommend you to make an online questionnaire with different answer options and pass it on to the rest of the wise council people, so that they can survey their groups.

Attendees come into play

4. Guest list.

Once a general enquiry has been carried out, you will have an idea of what you want to organise and it is time to make a formal invitation to the attendees. Likewise, we recommend that those who confirm their attendance, become part of the party group (yes, that WhatsApp or instant messaging group you have in mind to create).

5. Take an oath of silence.

All the attendees must remain strictly silent about what is going to happen at the party. This way, the bride or groom will be surprised on the day of the party.

Planning the day of the hen / stag party

6. Set a budget per person.

This may be the most delicate point. We recommend that you do a survey and set an average budget per person.

7. Keep the accounts clear.

Also, add everyone who is going to participate in a mobile application to divide the amount amongst all.

Farewell day planning

8. Create a timeline and a task checklist.

And we are not just talking about the party day, you need to start organising the hen / stag party well in advance. How far in advance? It depends on whether you have to look for flights, accommodation, restaurants, activities, etc. Include all the information in this timeline and assign tasks to the attendees (e.g. Aunt Pili is in charge of booking the restaurant, Manoli is in charge of booking Forestal Park Tenerife, etc.). As the tasks are ready, mark that action in green.

9. Look for fun activities and a theme for the party.

Thanks to all the work you have done beforehand, you have enough information to find places and activities that will please everyone. Ask for a quote, availability and compare options. In Tenerife there are a lot of possibilities to enjoy a fantastic hen / stag party.

10. Create a document with all the schedules and relevant information about the party.

It is important that all attendees are clear about their role in the party and the activities and tests that will be carried out. In addition, it is also advisable to provide a list of the things (whether luggage, or customised t-shirts, etc) that they have to take with them on the day of the hen / stag party.

From Forestal Park Tenerife, we wish you the best of luck with your event organization, and we encourage you to discover the options we have for celebrating a unique bachelor or bachelorette party.

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