An ideal place for nature photography lovers in Tenerife

An oasis of adventure for nature photography lovers in Tenerife

Forestal Park Tenerife and nature photography in Tenerife

First, it is worth mentioning that our adventure park in the trees and zip lines is in a majestic Canarian pine forest. If you are passionate about nature photography in Tenerife and want to capture the beauty of this type of forest at its best, come to Forestal Park.

Light and shadow play

Next, you should bear in mind that from early morning until dusk, the Canary Island pine forest of the Las Lagunetas Protected Landscape offers a unique atmosphere. You will see how the light filters through the treetops, creating fascinating contrasts of light and shade. These plays of light and shadow will give your photographs an impressive dimension and depth.

Fauna and flora native to the Canary Islands

The Canary Island pine forest is a natural treasure that is home to a surprising biodiversity. With a wide variety of flora and fauna species, you will have the opportunity to photograph Canary Island pines over 30 metres high. You will also see enchanting wild flowers, native birds such as the blue chaffinch and plant species such as lichens and mosses, etc.

Bird’s eye view of Tenerife’s nature photographs

And if you enjoy the activity on a quiet day, you can take pictures from the heights, as if from a bird’s eye view.

Whilst you enjoy the adventure in the trees and jumping on our gigantic zip lines, you can take the opportunity to take unique photos.

Play with the sea of clouds

On the other hand, the park, being at an altitude of almost 1,400m, is shrouded in fog on many days, as at this altitude the sea of clouds usually forms. The sunlight filtering through the branches and the mist is a competition winning photograph.

The Canarian pine forest where we are located gives us incredible images every day, come and immortalise them.

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